Dodge City Middle School

Dodge City Middle school is a very specialized school that understands the physical, intellectual, ethical, psychological and emotional development of the young adolescent and addresses those needs through a carefully planned school structure. (Learn More About Dodge City Middle School)

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At Dodge City Middle School, we believe that collaboratively we can have powerful impacts on student learning. We recognize that we can make a difference and are strategically and intelligently redesigning instructional and organizational practices to support student learning, so that we can close achievement gaps and succeed in this new era of accountability. We also recognize that data analysis is meaningless if it does not result in meaningful instructional change. To be effective in the teaming process we must be are able to use summative and formative assessment data together to implement strategic, targeted, focused instructional interventions to improve student learning.

To ensure that our students are successful under the terms of NCLB we must provide meaningful interventions that are aligned with state standards and district curricula as well as content-specific, developmentally-appropriate best practices. To ensure our success core curriculum teachers will continue their work with curriculum coaches to identify effective, grade-level instructional practices for their subject areas. 

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