Dodge City Middle School

Dodge City Middle school is a very specialized school that understands the physical, intellectual, ethical, psychological and emotional development of the young adolescent and addresses those needs through a carefully planned school structure. (Learn More About Dodge City Middle School)

Improvement Plan

Create & Communicate Improvement Plan
The next part of the process is for each subject level PLC to develop a three part action plan that will support their SMART Goal that includes, indicators, measures and target. An action plan is a description of what indicators are weak and strategies we use to meet targets. You have in your information packet the complete action plans and we encourage you to take the time to read them. They outline a comprehensive, dedicated plan for student success. See Sample Form for Grade Level PLC Goal Development Work Page (This template is used by each grade level PLC to develop a set of instructional goals for the upcoming school year. Grade level PLC Data Analysis Collaborative Work Pages are posted on the Cardinal Spaces Wiki.)

The first level of an action plan is entitled indicators. This is what we are doing to meet these goals. This is a set of steps or processes that we use to improve student learning, retention and performance in preparation for state testing. Data analysis of mastery checks occurs here and then drives student placement for intervention opportunities and re-teaching. Also at this level, SMART Goals are written by students and reading and math PLCs review the weakest indicators of the mastery checks and repeat the four step process of creating operational interventions.

The next level of the plan is called measure. Here tools are used to determine where students are now and whether they are improving. Examples of some of these tools would be student placement after Mastery Checks in intervention opportunities such as KMA, KRA, before and after school intervention, Saturday Academy and Homebase prevention interventions through re-teaching.

The final level of the action plan is called Target. Here is where attainable levels of performance for students are delineated. Mastery Checks Goals are aligned with state standards in order to achieve 80% mastery and AYP proficiency mandates. The teachers will implement testing and teaching strategies to facilitate student success in classroom activities on all Mastery Checks and State Assessments. 

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