Dodge City Middle School

Dodge City Middle school is a very specialized school that understands the physical, intellectual, ethical, psychological and emotional development of the young adolescent and addresses those needs through a carefully planned school structure. (Learn More About Dodge City Middle School)


Beginning in the fall of 2009, our master schedule included a designated time for a student advocacy program.  Small groups of students meet during “Homebase” time with staff members.The focus of the time is to build a safe, trusting environment where students can discuss school issues, work on collaborative projects, celebrate accomplishments and at the same time be held responsible for class assignments and testing.   Recently, another feature has been added to the Homebase time.  Enrichment activities have been added to the homebase time.  Teams restructure the groupings after each mastery check and students that do not succeed at the mastery checks have opportunities to work with a teacher in very small groups to hone their skills.  The other students attend enrichment activities. These activities are specifically designed to address intended outcomes through a completely different modality.

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